Case Study : Setup your first Bing Ads PPC Campaign

Day: 3rd June 2015

Time =



I am going through setting up a ppc ad campaign in Bing to a page of mine where I sell graphics based products for niche marketers

Strategy : I will setup one campaign in Bing with the name of my website as the campaign name. Then The ad group name I will use will be the url that I will send the visitors to. I will target about 30 keywords (I actually targeted 32) and will choose the ones between the search range volume of 400 to 2500. I am going to setup the ad spend for everyday as 5 dollars per day and will have 5 variations with top tier traffic from Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada.

The campaign page looks like this:


I have created one ad group so far for now as I want to test it on one url. It is a landing page giving away free graphics templates.

My Location targeting are like this which is called First Tier Traffic:



The keywords that I have targeted for this ad are as follows:


I have created 5 variations of the ads which are as follows:



Day 2: This is the stats for Day 2