How To Transcribe Audio To Text Automatically Online For Free

Lecturers and speakers often record their presentation’s audio and appoint somebody to transcribe it. By converting the audio into text files, the audio can be made searchable on the web, making it easier for others to find.

A web service that lets you perform this task with greater ease is VoiceBase.


VoiceBase lets you upload audio files and transcribe audio to text automatically online. You can check the site’s transcription for any errors and correct them manually. Then after correction you can sync the transcription back to the audio. The audio file, along with its transcription, is then hosted on your VoiceBase account.

You can make your transcription public and searchable for other users however in my case I have kept it private. Other users can search the content in the transcription and jump to the audio position relevant to their search.


For Free Automated Transcription (via Machine)

You can get Standard Accuracy in the following languages:

US English, UK English, Southeast Asian English, Indian English, Australian English, Deutsch, Espanol (Latin America), Espanol (Espana), Francais, Italiano, Dutch

and Premium Accuracy in US English, UK English.

The number of Free Hours of Audio and Video are listed below.

Auto Machine Indexing Audio Video
FREE Hours Included 50 5
Storage & Streaming Included lifetime 1 year*

The Main Features Of VoiceBase are:

  • Transcribe audio and video file to text online.
  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you automatically transcribe audio files.
  • Lets you manually edit those transcriptions.
  • Lets you make the transcriptions public.
  • Others can search for text in the transcriptions.
  • Others can jump to audio relevant to the search.