Review : Turn Key Profit Machines

Name of Product =  “Turn Key Profit Machines”
Product Type – Video Course with upsells that include Done For You offers
Sellers = Simple Spencer, Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Price – 14.95
No Of Upsells Presented – 2
Review Type  – Frontend
Costs if I follow the business model –

  1. up to $ 29 – 50 for shopify subscription
  2. FaceBook Ads – 10 – 50 $ per day ( depending on if and what works )

So Lets start.

  • Presentation ( sales page, OTO, upsells, down sells )
    The presentation style was good although they did not say much on the sales page as to what the buyer was getting. The sales page primarily focusses on how much you could make and how much you could scale it to. It does not really mention what it is about.There were 2 Upsells ( which I did not buy ). Both of them had down sells. The first Upsell offered a copy paste system that you can use to scale up the system. Similarly, there was the first downsell that would offer you a 10 dollar discount at the cost of not joining their FB group.Likewise, The second upsell offers 15 Done For you profit machines and a turn key website and Ad headlines however with the downsell you would get a 20 dollar discount but you would not have access to Done For You Headlines.
  • Product
    In a nutshell, It is about brainstorming for product ideas, finding products on amazon, Aliexpress or eBay, trying to get sellers to drop ship for you, create a store on Woocommerce /  shopify, create ads / fan pages on FB and sell them utilising free and paid traffic from FB. They also show you how to use a few add ons and integrations on shopify plus using pixels and audiences that you can use to potentially build your list.
  • Delivery
    The front end is delivered inside a ( not password protected ) member’s area with 4 modules and a case study. Each module contains certain number of videos that explain the concepts.
  • Usability
    It is good for a newbie however if you know basic affiliate marketing, everything they mention is already out there. Having said that they put a twist on how they do the research and how to put the system together. Plus the case studies help a lot to understand how everything should work.
  • Scalability
    As with anything else you will need to work to find out what works and if it works you can scale out. The creators give you exact number as to when you can scale and when you should not and just stop.
  • Resources Mentioned
    shopify, woocommerce, mail chimp, aweber, FB, Google,
    Teelaunch, GearBubble, Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay,
  • Pros and cons
    Turnkey Profit Machines is a significantly efficient software to do marketing . If you want to start making much money, Turnkey Profit Machines is right there for you. You will know exactly what to do step by step although there are times where the creator will leave you asking for more. I felt the same a few times. ( I guess you could ask them via emails ).
  • Core concept – Affiliate Marketing with FB
  • Support – Yes
  • Rating – 7 out of 10.