The Do and Dont Of Solo Ads Buying – What To Do And What Not To Do

Buying solo ads is one of the most successful techniques in digital marketing today. To use this marketing strategy successfully, one must consider the option to buy solo ads from a reputable provider.

This article seeks to highlight tips that a company should follow on the do and dont of solo ads buying.

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You Must Do This When Buying Solo Ads

As a company seeking to have an effective digital marketing plan, there is need to put some factors into consideration when you decide to buy solo ads from a dealer. This part outlines the features that make a difference between a successful solo ads and one that will not add value to the business.

Ensure the dealer is a legitimate and reputable company

There are many companies online offering solo ads but not all of them are genuine companies.Ensure you pick a company with past success stories and testimonials.

Insist on communicating with officials from the company before closing the deal and use this opportunity to determine how to translate solo ads to sales in the company.Some individuals use a software to collect emails without the consent of the owners.

If a promotional email is send to such people,it will end up on spam list and they might never read it thus defeating the objective of the whole process.

Ensure you buy a real solo Ad

Other than getting a genuine seller, it is important to ensure that the solo ad purchased is a real one. This,  implies that, the emails in the list belong to individuals who are genuinely interested in the product being offered by the company and not a randomly collected emails.

In this marketing strategy,most sellers use tracking and redirect technique to ensure that the client gets clicks since they are paid per click.

As a result,most people end up getting an offer on a product they know little about.Though a small percentage may end up clicking and buying the product eventually,majority ignore such mails.

It is key to note that sending these proportional mails is a cost to the company,thus if a large percentage end up being ignored,it becomes an additional cost to the company with no sales generated.

Ensure the list of emails in the solo Ads is relevant to your business model

Solo Ads is a marketing technique that should complement existing marketing plan and overall goals of the company.

Thus when making the decision to buy solo Ads,ensure it targets the potential customers of the company. Ask questions like how the” list” was created and if there is little background information about the subscribers in the list.

Getting this information makes it possible to determine if the solo Ad would translate to sales in the company by simply considering if such individuals would be interested in the product.

In addition, determine how realistic the subscriber list is in realization of the companies sales targets.

For instance, a company offering consultancy services to US based companies would benefit more from solo ads if the list has most individuals in US as opposed to those in overseas countries.

Ensure Solo Ads Can Translate To Sales

This is rather obvious but some companies can easily overlook this. An effective solo ad is one that the seller has created his list via a signup page.

This implies that for potential clients to get a product, they must first signup to the list before being redirected to an actual purchase page.

An individual who takes time to sign up is interested in a product and has a high probability of buying a product as compared to one who ends up in the subscriber list by chance.

To succeed in solo Ads, conversion rate must be high. This implies that more emails send to the potential buyers must translate to sales.Thus having a signup page is likely to increase conversion rate.

Donts while buying solo ad

Although many companies have used solo ads successfully as a marketing strategy, there is a huge risk of failure. This part outlines a list of things to avoid when a buying a solo add

Don’t buy before testing.

Like every move in operation of a business, it is important to test before closing the transaction as you buy solo add. This is done to ensure that what is paid for is actually what is delivered.

An entrepreneur can ask friends and family to pose as potential customers and submit their mails. Then they can check if they are redirected effectively.

This opportunity can also be used to check the duration a potential customer is likely to take before making a purchase.

If it is unreasonably long and slow, then appropriate rectifications can be made before completing the transaction.

Don’t buy seller ads without Auto responder followups

Many marketing strategies require a level of aggressiveness from the companies and seller ads is not different. Once subscriber has expressed an interest in the product,it is important to make a follow up with other emails to remind the customer about the product.

The emails must be automated at specific intervals like a week,month or daily. Further updates, news and improvements to the product must be included in the email.

Don’t buy on the basis of numbers

Though the main reason for buying solo ads is to generate traffic than can be converted to sales. This does not imply that more subscribers means higher conversion rate. The most important consideration while buying seller ads is the quality of clicks that can be generated .

A common way of ensuring effectiveness of seller ads is tweaking.This means as a company, start with a small “list” and see the results it generates. If the results attained is not what was expected,then conduct an analysis of the process and outline the cause of failure.

After analysis, buy more solo ads from the same seller and determine whether there is any increase in the conversion rate. This way, it is possible to attain desired conversion rate gradually.

To recap,

Solo ads can be the most effective marketing strategy to a company if it is used correctly.

Think of how much sales you can make in a month if your solo Ad had has a list of one thousand email subscribers. If there is a 50% conversion rate which is the case for most solo ads if used correctly, then it means 500 new customers in one month alone.

This might not sound like a huge percentage. But if you think of how many customers you will manage to attract in one year alone, it starts to make sense. Lets say that 50% conversion rate remains constant throughout the year. Then at the end of the first year, this profit translates to 6000 new customers.

If you are selling a product with a profit worth 5 dollars per item, then total sales revenue by the end of the first year amount to 30,000 dollars and this is the worst case scenario.

Where To Buy Solo Ads:

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Over To You….

Imagine, If you had more than 5000 subscriber emails and 75% plus conversion rate in your solo ad. How much would you make in a year? How much would your business be worth in the next 3 years?