Top Websites For Banner Ads Placement For Traffic

If you are an aspiring Internet Marketer or just own a website that provides SaaS ( Software as a Service ) then you will need to advertise your product or content. Nowadays people think that social media is the only place to go for traffic which is understandable. Hey, If more than a Billion people hang around just in FaceBook then it is something we should think about however, you can really burn your advertising budget if you don’t know what ou are doing.

There are other cheaper ways you can start advertising your websites.

I want you to think about this process –
A blog owner brings in visitors from Facebook by advertising (share, sponsored post, FB Group, FB Page, FB Ads) on FB. Then what will the visitors do. If they like the content they hang around and look at other contents in that blog. At this point, If the blog owner is smart then he will have ads placed on his site which is from ad networks which we are going to talk about here. It has never happened that FB has placed ads on other websites. And this traffic in the internet still accounts for about 80% of the total bandwidth, which is really massive, right?

In this post we are going to talk about top 5 websites for banner ads placement in 2015. If you dont know what banner ads are check out this post on wikipedia on banner ads and display advertising. Although these websites have been listed here just because I have used them, I would really appreciate if you also let our readers know if you would like to have any other website names mentioned.

Banner Ad Network #1

BuySellAds has many different features and tools for advertisers. One feature I really like about this website is, you will not be asked for minimum deposit. You can buy what you like and how much you like in most cases. The only downside of this website is they have a very limited number of websites compared to other ad networks. However since they are very picky in approving their publishers, so you will end up getting your ads placed on good websites.

Banner Ad Network #2 – made the #2 spot on our list because of their size and reach, plus the fact that they have low minimum requirements for joining. is a combination of their in house publisher platform and the Yahoo!/Bing Ad Network.  It replaced the previously failed Yahoo! Publisher Network.  They also provide a full-featured dashboard area with real-time data tracking and reporting.


Banner Ad Network #3 – Conversant

Conversant Media LogoConversant is a great banner ad network that rivals Adsense and in terms of size and quality of their program.  They have a 3,000 pageview per month minimum in order to qualify for publisher membership and they are a little more selective when approving publishers. Also, if ya website has user submitted content or content of a controversial nature, they will need to be manually approved which will take longer to setup. So our banner ads that we place via conversant will end up in being displayed in websites with actual traffic.


Banner Ad Network #4 – Google Adsense

Adsense LogoAdsense is one of the oldest and largest display ad networks in existence today.  They are also one of the most popular because of their fill rate, compensation and ease of getting approved and setting up your account.  The only drawback is that Adsense can be a bit complex if you are starting out and if you dont kow what you are doing or dont have a proper mentor guiding you then you can emd up loosing money pretty quickly. However, they do have a dedicated support manager who can help you out or you can ring them up as well.


Banner Ad Network #5 – Adblade

Adblade LogoAdblade gives allows to advertise in a number of ad space sizes including standard sizes such as 300px X 250px (rectangle ad) and 728px X 90px (leaderboard).  Adblade is very selective when approving publishers and is only recommended for larger websites with higher amounts of traffic so they could be a good place to go to for advertisers like us.  Having said that, if you are just starting our or your blog/website isn’t generating a substantial amount of profit to fund your marketing campaigns, I will recommend you to stick with BuySellAds.

Its Your Turn Now. Do you think I have missed any websites that were worth mentioning or Is there anything that you would like to add. Our readers would love to hear from you. So do not hesitate to leave a comment below.