Buying Solo Ads – Wait Until You Read This

solo ads imageJust A bit of Introduction On Solo ads

Every one needs to advertise their business to their customers. The world has grown so competitive nowadays that almost everyone has something to sell. So, without knowing, your one of a kind unique product, could have a competitor with a similar item somewhere on the internet.

Then comes the most challenging part of advertising it.  Its not feasible financially anymore to put advertisement out there in front of every person, interested in your product or not. That is where all the targeted advertisement and remarketing advertisement strategies come in to play.

So, What are Solo Ads ?

According to Wiktionary a mailing list is a collection of names and addresses used by an individual or an organisation to send material to multiple recipients. It is used in almost every type of business out there.

Businesses use lists like these to communicate back to clients or people who have shown interest in their activities to inform them about new deals and activities.

There are a lot of ways mailing lists are created and maintained however we are not going to talk about that here.

Today we will talk about how you can send an electronic form of advertisement to a list of people who could be interested in a product like yours or the niche that your product belongs to and that is what solo ads are.

A solo ad is whereby someone sends out an email link for you to their list of subscribers in a target niche.

When you buy solo ads, you’re essentially buying clicks. If, for instance, you buy 50 clicks, that’s the amount of times your email link will be clicked on by the sellers subscribers.

Solo ads are an easy and quick way to attract traffic to your sales page if properly used.

So, how does solo ads work and How can I use it?

Typically, you’ll first search for a reputable solo ad provider in your particular niche. Then, you select the number of clicks you require for a specific price. The solo ad provider will afterwards get an email swipe from you. Or you could just use an email link to your sales page.

The provider will give you a date when they will send it out to their subscribers. When they do, you’ll later start to receive leads via your auto-responder. Some autoresponder services will notify you in your email every time one comes in however you can always change those settings.

Buying solo ads is one of the most successful techniques in digital marketing today. Other methods like SEO are effective in generating traffic to a website but a successful marketing strategy is not about generating traffic but targeting potential customers who are likely to buy the product.

Also SEO will take substantial time to give you some result if you are doing it right. Just a word advice – If someone tells you that they will get results for you instantly via SEO then please do your due diligence.

For instance, lets take an example of a company selling doors to households in Alaska, they should target the residents in Alaska in their marketing plan and not everyone on the internet because it probably won’t be feasible for them to target everyone and will be a waste of marketing budget.The whole reason why such a company would buy solo ad is to get the ball rolling.

Solo ad refers to a marketing concept or advertising whereby a company pays a dealer and uses the list that he already has to send promotional emails to target customers.

Some companies prefer to build their own email list. But, this has a limitation in that it will longer to have the list as well as generate traffic to the website. So, to use this marketing technology successfully,

  • consider the option of buying from a reputable provider.
  • Create your own list which can be used in the future.

This next article seeks to highlight tips on the dos and donts that a company should follow when buying solo ads.

Since this is a full on business, there are few things you’d want to do and others you’d better avoid. If you want to learn in more detail about almost every aspect of solo ads then you can check my course here.


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